AMARCORD Museum – Cucina Italiana e Pizzeria

Food, in the end, in our tradition, is something holly. Our philosophy is  that food is not just about nutrients and calories; more importantly food is about passion, sharing, caring and loving.  Food is the means through which we share our passion and love to each other.

Amarcord Museum is a traditional family owned authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of London serving freshly prepared classic Italian dishes with a family atmosphere and all the professionalism you would expect from a reputable restaurant.


Our food is based on simple cooking using fresh ingredients mixed with our passion for all things Italian. Enjoy freshly prepared dishes, the finest wines and the perfect ambiance, all accompanied by a service that is both friendly and welcoming. 


The arrival of summer brings a festive atmosphere to Museum Street, and our tables spill out onto the pavement. The intimate ambiance inside makes Amarcord a delightful place to be, ideal for family lunches, pre-theatre diners and romantic evenings. The restaurant can also accommodate larger parties.


Amarcord Museum Italian Restaurant, the sort of place where you can pop in at lunchtime for a plate of pasta and a glass of prosecco, in the evening with a 3 course menu accompanied by a good selection of Italian wines.


At Amarcord, Alberto Salvatore and his team have created a relaxed restaurant to meet, eat and drink just a few yards from the British Museum and other local attractions.